How To Hire With Intention

In this episode of the Hire Breakthrough podcast, you'll learn the ins and outs of using an intentional approach when hiring and recruiting new team members.

The Hire Breakthrough Podcast

Hire with Intention

Take the breakdown out of your hiring breakthrough.

Are you trying to grow your business? Or perhaps you've looked for candidates but haven't been able to find the right ones.

Did you ever imagine a situation when you need people for your business?

It is easy to picture the journey or your business when it comes to handling things.

Now that your business is growing, you may now be wondering, Is it the right time to hire?

Being an entrepreneur is great because you get to make all the decisions.

This implies that you have complete control over who is hired, the jobs they perform, and the number of hours you require them to work.

But finding the RIGHT PEOPLE to help you run your business can be a huge challenge.

You have to face the fact that you were in trouble in handling all the things and getting away from the core aspects of your business that made you profits.

In this episode, you can find out how this approach attracts talents that helps your business up-level .

Businesses that take an intentional approach to hiring are able to stop chasing unicorns and put the right people in the right seats.

– Kimone Napier, Podcast Host

Hire with Intention

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