Hiring Contractors vs. Employees – What’s the 411?

There is a crucial difference between hiring a contractor versus hiring an employee. Understanding the difference could save you thousands in fines. In this episode, I’ll discuss the differences between a contractor and an employee. 

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Hiring Contractors vs. Employees – What’s the 411?

Take the breakdown out of your hiring breakthrough.

You know you need to hire someone to help you in your business.

You ask around different platforms who people have hired and how have they worked out.

You search the Internet for recommendations and soon discover that in addition to learning about the duties this individual will have, you also need to know the kind of employee they are.

You don't want to be playing around here because this is scary stuff.

There are important distinctions between independent contractors and employees.

When it comes to some of the important factors

Business owners have to consider this when hiring employees and independent contractors.

In this episode, you'll learn why is it crucial to distinguish between independent contractors and employees.  What distinguishes using an independent contractor versus an employee?

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Hiring Contractors vs. Employees – What’s the 411?

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