How Can You Stop Being a Chief Everything Officer?

In this episode of the Hire Breakthrough podcast, you'll discover how to stop being the chief everything officer and be a true CEO.

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How Can You Stop Being a Chief Everything Organizer?

Take the breakdown out of your hiring breakthrough.

You started a business because you wanted to work on things that matter to you.

You wanted to help by sharing and serving your expertise to your clients.

However, one of the most common mistakes is that you are taking on too much in your business.

You become overworked and stressed when you try to handle everything for your business, acting as the chief everything officer.

Probably, spreading yourself too thin and not concentrating on growing your business and satisfying clients because of too much time managing daily tasks.

As a business owner, you need to aspire to be the chief executive officer, not the chief everything officer.

How is that even possible?

Because you can spend more time being the business visionary and coming up with new ways to serve the clients you started.

And the outcome is financial and time freedom, which is an incredibly positive outcome of owning a business.

So what's the secret to leaving everything behind and becoming the executive?

If you're the type of person who started your business from a place of overwhelm or underwhelm, it is time to SHIFT your mindset.

– Kimone Napier, Podcast Host

How Can You Stop Being a Chief Everything Organizer?

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