Done-for-You Hiring for Startups

Stop chasing "unicorns" Hire diverse, qualified talent Scale sanely





Hiring Should Not Be a Headache

You're not attracting and engaging the right candidates for the job.
There's so much noise, your brand and job descriptions don't stand out.
Qualifying ideal candidates has become tedious and tiresome.
You have no idea where you'd find time to hire and onboard someone.
Hiring is stealing time from running, marketing and growing the business.
You've worked hard to create a positive culture, but it's not translating in interviews.
It's getting harder and harder to blame your high turnover on the new hire.
“Your way” isn't working and you can't pinpoint where you're coming up short.
You're tired of putting in weeks of work only to do it again in 3 months.

How to Find Your Next Hire

We'll assess your mission, needs and goals to create a custom search strategy to find your next hire.
We'll up-level your job description, get it in front of a pool of qualified, diverse talent, then triple-screen all candidates and identify the top three.
Your Hire Breakthrough Strategist will coordinate your final interviews, debrief with you afterward and walk you through the offer process.

Our Strategists Know How to Find Your Next Hire

Hire Breakthrough Client Feedback

“From the beginning to the end, the process was seamless.”
~ Dr. Juliana Hauser
“The hiring and HR management was outstanding and professional.”
~ Jasmin Haley
“The team is grounding, easy to work with, and they get the job done.”
~ Emma Magenta

Scale Hire Deliverables

Kickoff Strategy Session

We'll get you clear on what you need help with and who you need to hire.

Proven Hiring Process

We'll step you through our proven hiring process, templates and check lists to source and track all candidates.

Custom Job Description

No more fill-in-the-blank job descriptions. We'll help you standout with one that's tailored to your brand, culture and role.

Custom Job Application

Your custom application will ask the right questions to make pre-screening a breeze.

Source, Post & Screen

We'll narrow your list down to the absolute most qualified candidates.

Candidate Communications

We'll communicate with all candidates throughout the entire process.

Modern, Strategic Interviewing

We'll conduct real-time and asynchronous interviews with all candidates and coordinate interviews with hand-selected finalists.

30-Day Support Window

We'll support you through onboarding and “settling in” for 30 days post new hire.

How will your business benefit from Scale Hire?

Hiring the right team is crucial for a growing business. Yet, it's also tedious. Which is why everyone's looking for a “unicorn” – that one person with all the skills to dabble in all the roles, to get you to the next decimal place in the revenue column.

Ironically, 80% of all employee turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions and practices. You're so busy looking for a “unicorn”, you can't see how detrimental and risky it is to have so much operational responsibility contingent upon one person/role.


This means it's just a matter of time before you loose sight of the fundamentals of good hiring, if they were even ever in view.

In fact, “unicorn” turnover happens so often, you begin to think your company is the problem.

When the real issue is you simply haven’t had access to a proven hiring system and expert support that's required to stop chasing “unicorns” and make effective, sustainable hires.

The momentum of building your game-changing team starts with a single, right hire.

And that starts with Scale Hire.


  • A Hire Breakthrough Strategist will take you through our proprietary, proven hiring process.
  • You and your team will learn hiring skills and processes that can be used over and over again in your business.
  • You'll then be introduced to the absolute best candidates and get support from us throughout the interviewing process.
  • With our guidance, you'll make a compelling offer to your ideal new team member.
  • If you need additional direction, you can lean into a full month of onboarding systems and processes.
  • Learn more about Hire Breakthrough.


What types of industries do you work with?

We are an industry agnostic recruitment firm. We've recruited for all types of roles in various industries such as eCommerce, Law, Coaching, Tech, Accounting etc.

How long will it be before I'll have qualified candidates to review?

This will vary depending on the position. Typically, we’ve presented qualified candidates within the first two weeks after the strategy is completed.

How much does this cost?

We have packages at numerous price points, starting in the four figure range. Please book a Hire Breakthrough Assessment with us here so we can determine if we’re the best fit for you. 

What if I can't afford the whole process?

We have different price points for you to work with us. Please refer to the list of services we offer.

How is confidentiality handled with the prospective candidates?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us so we make sure that all information is shared through a secure network. We’ve been in business for over 4 years and have never had a security breach. 

Will I be working directly with Kimone?

Your initial Hire Breakthrough Assessment will be with Kimone and then you’ll work directly with one of our Hire Breakthrough Specialists. 

What if I don't like any of the final candidates?

If you find you don’t like any of the final candidates presented to you, you have the option to to extend the search an additional 2-4 weeks to ensure you are introduced to a candidate who is a good match. 

What if my candidate quits or leaves?

Some ways of working with us include a 30-day guarantee to identify and hire a new candidate at no additional cost to you.

I don't feel equipped to bring new people onto my team – can Hire Breakthrough help me?

Absolutely! A big part of our process is teaching you how to shift your business to accommodate new people and to onboard people in a way that is efficient.

How can I know I'm going to be paired with the best candidate for me?

We’ll be using our proprietary 5-part framework to ensure the top candidates are presented to you. Your Hire Breakthrough Specialist will be with you throughout the process so you can make the best decision.

What if I'm not good at interviewing?

That’s okay. We have price points to equip you with our processes, showing you the best way to efficiently interview candidates so you are able to hire the best possible fit for the role.  

How will I be able to tell a qualified candidate from someone who's just okay?

You’ll be able to tell who's a qualified candidate because we track all applicant info, highlighting areas that make them strong candidates for the position. You’ll have all the information you need to make the best decision, with support from your Hire Breakthrough Specialist. 

Has your team worked with other companies like mine?

We’ve worked with all types of companies; large, mid-sized and small hiring for all types of roles ranging from Administrative support to Chief Operations Officer. 

Has your team hired for roles similar to the role we're hiring for?

We’ve hired for all types of positions ranging from Startups to Healthcare. Here are some of the most common roles we hire for: Chief of Staff, Operations Director, Marketing Manager, Sales Coach, Executive Assistant and Client Success Coach. 

What if I need help after I've made the candidate an offer?

We'll support you through onboarding and “settling in” for 30 days post new hire. If you need help after making an offer, we’re here to help. We can help with Onboarding, Leadership Coaching and Organizational Development.

How can I be assured your hiring process is legal?

We are HR Professionals first so we are educated in legal and equal employment laws in regards to hiring. You’re in good hands.

Does Hire Breakthrough do background screening?

Absolutely! We have price points with the service included. 

What if my finalist candidate comes from my network instead of Hire Breakthroughs search?

That’s great. We encourage our clients to share the open roles with their network. Even if the finalist comes from your network, they will have gone through our proprietary process, ensuring they were qualified for the position. 

What if I have additional questions that aren't covered here?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us hello@hirebreakthrough.com