The Great Resignation or The Great Reorganization?

In this episode of the Hire Breakthrough podcast, you'll learn how to use the Great Resignation to make necessary improvements in the way we work and how we structure our teams.

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The Great Resignation or The Great Reorganization?

Take the breakdown out of your hiring breakthrough.

The Great Resignation is a phenomenon that is taking our workforce by storm.

1 in 3 candidates who have sought out jobs in the past year, have looked within their companies first.

Candidates and Employees want to pursue their passions and work smarter, not harder.

The gig economy has contributed to our workforce changes by helping candidates and employees create their own businesses, wealth and legacy.

This is new way of work. This is the Great Reorganization.

If this speaks to you, understanding the future of work is essential for your business.

But the challenge remains – how do I attract and retain my talent amongst the Great Resignation?

If you’re looking for the answers to this question, this podcast episode will help you.

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The Great Resignation is the silver lining to make our workforce the Great Reorganization.

– Kimone Napier, Podcast Host

The Great Resignation or The Great Reorganization?

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